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This is a place to sell and buy machine learning models in PFA, PMML, ONNX.

For whom is this marketplace?  

For model producers:

This marketplace is for everyone, who has build a machine learning model and exported it to pfa, pmml or onnx and who thinks, that this model is useful for others. If you happen to be a very good data scientist or machine learning engineer and have solved a problem where others can profit from your solution feel free to add your pfa, pmml or onnx solution here. Please note, that it would be useful for others if you can describe how accurate your model is. What the input fields of your model are and what problem it solves. You do not have to specify which algorithm and hyperparameters you have used, as this is your own work but at least the accurracy of the model would be useful for others. 

How should you price your model? 

You can price your model as you want, but think about the benefits of someone who wants to buy your model. Why should he spent money to buy your model? I would suggest the following simple formula as a starter if you do not have an idea on how to price your model: 

(Number of hours you worked to create the model) * ( How much do you earn per hour ) / (Number of potential customers, who will buy your model )

For model consumers:

If you are looking for some machine learning model, which you can plug in into your IT-infrastructure and have it as a microservice, you might want to take a look at existing solutions here. For you there is no need to hire a data scientist to solve your machine learning problems, if you can buy a solution at the fraction of the costs it would cost you to hire someone external to create your model. All you have to do, is to deliver this model to your DevOps and they will take care of running it.

How can I chose a model to solve a specific problem?

First search for keywords to see if there exists a model for your problem. If not, you can send me an email at, or contact any other user with your specific problem.

If there exist models which solve  your problem, please read the description about the data format and how accurate the models are. Please notice that a model producer, might not want to tell you which algorithms he has used and which one was the best and how to chose the hyperparameters, because that is his intellectual property and his work. Instead the model producer will tell you how accurate the model is. This way you can compare different models.

What are the fees?

At the moment there are no monthly transaction fees for model producers to list their model here at the marketplace, only 10% per transaction for model producers and maybe paypal transaction fees.

I am a data scientist and want to contribute, but I have no idea where to start, how do I proceed?

Examples of useful models would be: 

  • 1) Create an onnx model for emotion recognition. Could be used for services which have contact with a lot of customers on a regular basis: (is under mit licence: google deepmoji + pytorch) 
  • 2) Create an onnx model for counting cells: (MIT licence) Use cases would be labours around the world who still count cells with hand.
  • 3) Use appropriate open data to create ml models to solve some specific business problem: New York City popular open data  
  • Use cases would be consumer of the NYC-open-data.
  • A good place to start looking for open data which could be useful for machine learning is here .

How do customers find the marketplace? 

Google Search

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